The Original Car


I bought this car in 1994 after a 6month search for the right VW. Trouble was, that I had about 300 to spend, so the cars I was looking at were... Less than desirable.  One car I went to look at, I went to jack it up to see the underneath, and the Jack went clear through the bottom of the car.  I apologised and quickly walked away.. Well as time went on, my savings obviously got bigger and then I found this car in Winchester.

It was owned by a student, and was a 1200cc model.  This wasn't ideal for me, but I badly had to get shot of that horrible F**d Fiesta.  He had it up for sale at 1300, but after some haggling and picking some really trivial holes in the car (he didn't know what was serious or minor) I finally drove home just 900 poorer.



These are the pictures I took when I first got her home.  First thing that strikes you about a standard Bug, is that they are TOO HIGH!!! Look at the space between the wheels and wings.. It's like it's on stilts. That needed sorting soon, but I'd exhausted my cash flow for now.

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Look at those silly twin Pea-Shooters! That's not going to be loud.  A proper bug has to be Mean and Loud!!! Have to change that 35horsepower 1200cc engine tho'.....

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Not so fancy interior.  This had to go soon Too...

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This is how I drove the car round for about 1month till the Engine Blew up and seized on me.... Perhaps I shouldn't drive it so hard with only 35HP...

So I hunted round for another engine and ended up buying a yellow Shed with a 1600 Twin-Port engine in it. It had seized cause of water intake, so we flooded the pistons with WD-40 and put it in gear, and a few of my mates on the front, and a few on the rear, and we rocked it back and forth, back and forth, till she freed up, then hoiked it out and planted it in the rear of my dead blue machine.


This yellow car turned out to be a bit of a result. Don't get me wrong, for 50 quid you gets what you pays for, (The tow eye ripped off as soon as we pulled away and Dad Drove up the road towing a bit of rope!) but it did have some worthwhile bits on it. It had a nice set of Steel Moonshine wheels, and some trick Velour Doorcards. So these found their way onto my car.

It did have some Bucket seats, but were not the look I was after..
I managed to sell some odds and ends as spares and made about 70, then some guy came and bought the rolling shell as a project car for the original 50 I payed for it!!  So I got a Free engine, wheels, and doorcards AND some spare cash. NICE!!

Here is a picture of the Car with it's new Alloys (Steels...) and it's "new" 1600cc motor.

1600cc Twinport 1303s motor - Click for larger image

I had this engine rebuilt with new pistons, bearings and heads, and had the flywheel lightened at the same time.

It's a lot more responsive.  But more power is to come.  Follow the story....



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